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Founded in 2005, CPMS is an award-winning boutique consulting firm, with a passion to support our clients’ business and mission objectives and exceed customer expectations. CPMS provides consultation services and solutions to Federal Agencies and Healthcare organizations. We have expertise providing Analytics, Information Management and Portfolio Management Consulting solutions to the federal government.


Our Approach

Understanding the Requirements – CPMS understands that a strong understanding of the requirements is key to the success of any initiative. We take the time to interface with our clients and develop a thorough understanding of their wants, needs, goals, and hot buttons in order to deliver the best possible solution. 


Why Us?

Small Business Culture, Large Business Experience – CPMS is defined by a small business culture with full accessibility to our chief decision makers, dedication to customer satisfaction, and a company that is small and agile enough to keep up with any changing environment. We offer a team of professionals who have tenured experience with the processes and procedures that have made many large businesses successful. This fusion of the two allow our customers to experience the best of both worlds in one company.


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Corporate Portfolio Management Solutions (CPMS)

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